Мужской поступок

Posted by Nick on 20 февраля, 2012

В субботу я несколько часов чистил снег на даче, промочил ноги и дня три болел. Много смотрел разное кино. Пересмотрел любимую "Догму", а также ещё раз посмотрел "Клерков" — на этот раз полностью. Статья в Википедии о режиссёре меня впечатлила:
To acquire the funds for the film, Kevin Smith sold a large portion of his extensive comic book collection in 1993, maxed out eight to ten credit cards with $2,000 limits, dipped into a portion of funds set aside for his college education and spent insurance money awarded for a car he and Jason Mewes lost in a flood. The film was shot in 21 straight days (with two "pick-up" days). Originally, Smith wrote the role of Randal Graves for himself, but after realizing he could not

write, direct, work in the store, and take a starring role at the same time, he cast himself in the smaller role of Silent Bob and began searching for someone to play Randal.

A Quick Stop convenience store (located at 58 N. Leonard Avenue in Leonardo, New Jersey) where Smith worked was the primary setting for the film. He was only allowed to film in the store at night while it was closed (from 10:30 p.m. to 5:30 a.m.), hence the running gag of someone jamming gum in the padlocks and the steel shutters remaining closed; otherwise, it would seem odd that it was dark outside during all the daytime scenes. Because Smith was working at Quick Stop during the day and shooting the film at night, he slept no more than an hour a day. By the end of the 21 day shoot, Smith was unable to stay awake while some of the most climactic scenes of the film were shot.

Several members of Smith's family played roles in the film due to budget constraints. When Dante is discussing the "Milk Maids", the shopper shown is Smith's mother and the customer whose job it is to "manually masturbate caged animals for artificial insemination" is played by Smith's sister, Virginia. Several of Smith's childhood friends also play roles in the film. Walt Flanagan plays four roles in this film: The "Woolen Cap Smoker" in the beginning (which he reprises in Clerks II), the "Egg Man", the "Offended Customer" (during the "jizz mopper" scene) and the "Cat Admiring Bitter Customer,". Smith never intended for Flanagan to play this many roles and would often, in jest, refer to Flanagan as "the Lon Chaney of the '90s". As one of Smith's friends who was present often during filming as either extra help or just moral support, it fell to Flanagan to play these characters when the actors Smith originally got to play them just didn't show up.

Думаю, немногие могут решиться на такой смелый поступок. Конечно, не каждому удаётся снять за 30 тысяч фильм, который снимет кассу в 3 миллиона, но если подумать — лучше попытаться и не смочь, чем так ни разу и не решиться.

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