Халява возвращается!

Posted by Nick on 20 марта, 2008

Вчера поздно вечером появилось официальное сообщение, что базовые аккаунты решили вернуть обратно (это, конечно, займёт время):

The announcement last Wednesday was a mistake in regards to Basic accounts, as the change was not clearly stated, it did not allow for you to provide feedback, and went into effect immediately. Many of you have pointed out that the decision worried you less than the way it was communicated. You should have been given a voice, and you were not; we didn’t follow our own rules, and we apologize.

At this point we are working on a solution to enable existing LiveJournal users to create new Basic accounts as so many of you have requested. Nothing has been decided yet, but we are considering options which would allow existing users to continue to create new Basic accounts.

Но в акции по суточной забастовке я всё равно поучаствую, только чуть по-другому: я удалю аккаунт перед пятницей, а в субботу — восстановлю.


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